Digital Health Business Unit

Meditrial’s Digital Health business unit operates at the forefront of digitalization.

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    Data management

    Meditrial provides an easy-to-use data collection platform and allows data to be captured and visualized using the latest techniques and apps.
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    Data that delivers

    Data will be used to drive the future of health. Our experience in connectivity, big data, machine learning and digital services means we are ideally placed to help our clients seize the huge and disruptive opportunities these create to improve patient outcomes.
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    Flexibility of the process

    The virality of digital Health happened before, the pandemic certainly did accelerate what we've been living prior to that.
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    Zoom effect in healthcare

    Our patients are suffering from hospital phobia, people don't want to go to hospitals. Digital engagement helps keep patients safe and personalizes care
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    Digital Academy

    Immersive education for your staff covering a wide range of strategies, case studies and best practices.

Team Having a Vast Experience

New isn’t on its way. We’re applying it now.
See how we bring the new to life with our clients in every industry, in every country, each and every day.

Connecting data and outcomes

Orchestrated Technology

Integration with internal networks scalable hosting, automated privacy analytics ad data governance.

Dynamic Data

Digital Health, claims, consumer, bespoke sourced data from multi-site netword.

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Industrialized Analytics

Self-serve analytics, automated patient journey, predictive analytics, visualization.

Precision Engagement

Unblinded predictive patient targeting for providers risksharing, commercialization of new tools, cscientific advisor panel.

Advice, consultation, regulation

Meditrial can continue to produce courses and engage leaders. “Open your door and become smart” and “surround yourself by people who know something”